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Hi! I'm Tessa.

I write young adult fantasy books about self-rescuing princesses for readers who still believe in fairy-tale romance.

I want my books to
inspire you,
empower you,
and transport you
to a world where anything is possible.

Basically, I believe that
Books should
make you

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She never signed on to save the world … but she may be humanity’s only hope.

The war for the Earth is over. The humans lost. The world has been taken over by Asgardians, an ancient race of Norse gods. Inside the former city of Washington, D.C., Asgardian hovership patrols sweep the streets, and the remaining free humans cluster in the underground subway system to survive. No one knows that the war may not be over after all … or that the future may depend on one seventeen-year-old girl.

Sam works as a scavenger, risking capture to retrieve food and survival goods for trade. But her greatest danger may be her growing feelings for her shadowy and scarred partner, Mick.

When Cooper, leader of the human resistance, asks her to break into an Asgardian stronghold, Sam faces a nearly impossible choice: protect the boy she loves, or save the remains of the human race.

How much is freedom worth? In a world where love is a risk few can take, Sam must decide whether the price for fighting back is one she can afford to pay.

Thunder Strikes is now available from most major retailers. You can also get a FREE copy by joining my Readers Group. (See button above.)

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Thunder Strikes is Book 1 of 11 in the Asgard RisingTM Saga, a post-apocalyptic young adult (YA) fantasy featuring the races of Norse mythology who have invaded Earth after destroying their own realms in a massive war.

All eleven books in the saga have been written. Books 3 through 11 are undergoing edits, proofing, and formatting; awaiting cover art; etc. The series will be released as rapidly as practicable.

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